Purchase and termination of insurance

Buy insurance

Our customer team answers questions about insurance every weekday 9-16 on telephone 08-4000 6122 or by e-mail: foretag@dss-halsa.se.

Companies can contact our sales department at the e-mail address: foretag@dss-halsa.se

-Alternatively, you as a company can turn to an insurance broker to take out medical insurance with DSS Hälsa. The intermediary helps you to develop a medical insurance for your company.


You can find an insurance intermediary through the website of the intermediaries' trade association SFM.

Co-insure children

Co-insured children are covered until the day they turn 21

The requirements for taking out insurance for children are that the parent has taken out the corresponding insurance for his / her own part and that the child, in order for the child to be insured, is:

  • fully healthy *,
  • has turned 1 year old
  • has not reached the age of 21
  • is resident and registered in Sweden and is a member and fully covered by the Swedish public health care through the Swedish social insurance, or
  • have their permanent residence in Norway (except Svalbard and Jan Mayen), Finland and Denmark (except Greenland and the Faroe Islands) and are entitled to receive services corresponding to public health insurance benefits via public or private coverage in the country of residence.

*More information and exceptions can be found in the insurance notice and current terms, log in and see My DSS.

Can I insure my family?

Employees can co-insure their family (partner and / or children) by:

log in to My DSS and register via the menu option Create family member.

You also have the opportunity to fill in a family application and send it to foretag@dss-halsa.se

You can download the family application via the Register your family page.

For questions about registering a family, you can contact our customer team on telephone 08-4000 61 22 or at the e-mail address: foretag@dss-halsa.se.

The price for co-insurance of a family depends on the individual company agreement.


How do I cancel my insurance?

If the insurance is taken out via the employer, intermediary or other group representative, the insurance can be terminated by contacting the person in question.

Unmediated consumer insurance can be terminated with a one-month notice period until the end of a month and must be made in writing to DSS-Hälsa.

You can do this by sending an email to foretag@dss-halsa.se

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Purchase and termination of insurance

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