The Financial Supervisory Authority's supervision and other regulations

The insurance company and the insurer is Forsikringsselskabet Dansk Sundhedssikring A/S. Dansk Sundhedssikring is a specialist in the field of healthcare insurance and the health sector for, among other things, employers and others who wish to access such insurance. DSS Hälsa mediates and represents the insurance provider in group healthcare insurance in Sweden.

The insurer is:

Forsikringsselskabet Dansk Sundhedssikring A/S

Hørkær 12B
2730 Herlev
Organization number: 34 73 93 07
Switchboard: +45 70 20 61 21

The board of the company has its seat at Hørkær 12B, 2730 Herlev.

Dansk Sundhedssikring A/S is under the Financial Supervisory Authority as a skadesforsikringsselskab.

Intermediaries and representatives regarding this insurance are:

DSS Hälsa AB
Vasagatan 10
111 20 Stockholm
Organization number: 556751-0424

The board of directors for the company is based in Sweden.

DSS Hälsa AB is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.