About us

Imagine a health insurance that builds bridges between private and public care. DSS Hälsa is this bridge. We are specialized and committed in the field of care, health & insurance and are the Nordic region's leading specialist in health insurance. Our mission and our success is based on navigating the customer's entire patient journey to all forms of care - regardless of public or private.


DSS Hälsa AB is a sister company to Dansk Sundhedssikring, which is Denmark's largest supplier of health insurance. We put man first. Every day we work to ensure a healthier life for our customers. It is the driving force behind our business and what matters most to us all. Our healthcare team consists of doctors and nurses who work close to public and private hospitals to ensure that our insurance patients go through the care chain quickly and easily. We not only take care of our customers when the damage has occurred, we also want to prevent damage. The patient and the DSS / Healthcare team will be followed throughout. That is what makes us DSS Hälsa.

Dansk Sundhedssikring (DSS) is a strong and growing healthcare company and we currently have 190 employees. We are one of the largest providers of health insurance in Denmark, and also in the Nordic region, with over 517,000 insured. We have developed the health insurance of the future, which is based on personal service with our own health care staff who help our customers, both in the public and in the private health care system.

More than 80 nurses handle the dialogue between our customers and our care providers.

Our customers consist of 12,000 companies and organizations mediated by insurance brokers, group representatives, banks and insurance companies.

Gustav Dahlberg