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How do I report an injury?

You need to report your injury / illness to our health team before we can process the case. You do this by filling in a claim via your personal profile on My DSS.

If you have a question about an ongoing injury, you can contact the Health Team by phone 08-4000 6121 between

9-17 on weekdays and 9-12 on weekends.

Where can I find my ongoing case / claim?

If your request concerns an ongoing injury, you can contact the health team via your secure access to My DSS.

You can also call us on telephone 08 4000 6121, 9-17 on weekdays and 9-12 on weekends.

Can I start treatment before I have been in contact with DSS Hälsa?

The insurance only covers costs for treatment and examination that have been approved in advance by DSS Hälsa.

You can fill in your claim via your profile on My DSS or contact our Health Team on 08-4000 6121 every day of the year during the period 9-17 on weekdays and 9-12 on weekends.


If you do not agree or are dissatisfied with our decision, please contact our complaints department.

Complaint manager DSS-Hälsa AB

Torshamnsgatan 20, 164 40 Kista, Sweden


email to:

You can file a complaint via this complaint form.

Why do I have to give my consent?

We need your consent to obtain and obtain information about your injury.

Your consent is valid for one year after you have given it. If you regret your consent, you can always choose to withdraw it.

DSS Hälsa never passes on your personal sensitive information to unauthorized third parties.

Your Care Navigator

If your health insurance does not cover the current injury, we will contact you in writing or by telephone due to our refusal, however, DSS Hälsa always offers help with public care navigation, medical advice, etc. on injuries that the insurance does not cover. We always help you throughout your treatment journey. We are your Care Navigator.

Do I pay any deductible?

If the insurance has been taken out with deductible, this will be stated on the insurance statement.

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